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Court-Ordered Batterer's Intervention Classes / Domestic Violence Classes

Join Transformations BIP Online for Internet-based Batterer's Intervention Classes and Domestic Violence Classes from the comfort of home!.

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Sign up today for your court-ordered domestic violence classes / batterer’s intervention classes using our simple straightforward process. Benefits include:

Pay    Nothing     Until     Week     3*!
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• Pay-As-You-Go Service--Classes are only $21.00 each!

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Classes are far from boring! You won't be reading pages and pages of material for over an hour like most BIP online classes. We have video portions to 'break up' the material into more easily digestible segments. All classes are taught by a licensed professional counselor in a practical method that can help you change your life for the better.

Save your gas money and having to take valuable time.off work to attend classes.

Family - Intervention Classes

Contact Transformations BIP Online for online Batterer's intervention Classes and pay nothing until Week 3!*

Online classes not approved in the state of Oklahoma.